Completing From Top To Bottom
Plus Inside and Outside
S i m u l t a n e o u s l y

This photo shows an enclosed 38.5 ft. diameter EconOdome frame kit.
Custom framing for all doors, windows, & skylights is included at no extra charge.
The exterior has been sealed by lapping large flexible and durable
triangle shingles made with TPO so that rainwater and snow are shed.
The laps are tenaciously bonded by heat welding between the laps.
The laps are melted together with a heat gun
so strong winds cannot blow your shingles off the roof.
After the EconOdome frame kit is assembled,
triangle panels are attached to the exterior and kept dry
by the lapping and fused TPO triangular shingles.
Like an expanding umbrella,
the sealed surface sheds rain toward the perimeter,
so, what is under the expanding dome,
stays dry both during and after construction.

Now because this dome home is built with
an EconOdome T-Beam frame kit as detailed above
the interior sheetrock and insulation triangle panels are
installed just before attaching the exterior triangle panels.
This means when you have finished sealing the outside,
you have already completed the interior of the dome ceiling.
And in addition, the exterior triangle panels are ventilated
so that your dome home is more energy efficient and durable.
Wood that is ventilated stay healthy, strong, and mold free.

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