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These domes at Harbin Hot Springs, California were artistically sculpted around EconOdome frame kits supplied by Faze Change Produx. Ten hemispheres of three different sizes and one small sphere were used to form the six spheres that comprise the new Watsu Massage School at Harbin Hot Springs. Faze Change Produx enjoys working with innovative architects and builders to create new and exciting structures.

Winding staircase within residential three story sphere. The interior is sculpted using diamond metal lath and stucco.

Inside one of the classrooms on the second level.

3 spheres framed with 2x4 EconOdome frame kits and covered with sculpted cement mortor over a diamond mesh base.

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Looking out from the spheroid above.

Spheres are connected via rebar and metal mesh.
The surface was shot with mortor and finished the way a swimming pool is made.

Showers are located between two spheroids.

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