This is an unmodified Basic Frame Kit with 20 Sides.
Our Upgraded EconOdome Frame Kit has been modified to include 10 sides and 10 vertical trapezoids on the bottom.
You may choose either type geodesic geometry, or, a custom combination, the price is the same.
However, it is easier to install conventional doors and windows, if we modify the geodesic dome frame kit for you.
That is one of the reasons we call our dome frame kit the EconOdome Building Kit.

Start with a circle of boards (D-struts without sharp tips. Attach those boards together on a flat surface using splice blocks, piers, posts or a wood floor. Refer to diagram for placement of the four types of base "D" struts. Ensure the ">" points as shown on the diagram.
Now put together 5 "BCC" triangles. Place them between the "EEE's". You are assembling down-pointing triangles (Fidroeff's four frequency framing plan.)
Pre-fab 5 "EEE" triangles. Place one in the notch where you wish the front door to be. Set the other 4 in every fourth notch. On large domes you may want to attach one strut at a time.
Now carefully assemble 5 "CDF" and 5 "CFD" triangles. Read the letters in a clockwise direction starting with first letter in alphabet. Use C1>, one C2>, and one VBV for each triangle. Ensure that the arrows point in the correct direction.
Gravity holds the lowest point in place while you connect one of the points above. Hold the ends of the struts flush and screw the struts together using the screws provided.
Place the letters on the struts so they always face to the outside of the dome. When you attach a down-pointing triangle to a down-pointing triangle, you form another triangle between them.
To make assembly easier, you can put the screws in the predrilled holes before you attach the struts, thereby freeing a hand to hold the boards while another person operates the electric drill. With a #2 phillips bit in the drill to fit the screws, the assembly is easy and fun.
Ensure that D1's and D2's are in the correct positions and that the ">" points as shown on the diagram. (4-frequency framing figure)
Sometimes you will have to push or pull adjacent points to make the point you are working on become flush.
Those single struts extending into space at the fourth level are "F's" with arrows pointing up.
After you have completed the second level, the "A" and "F" struts are put up seperately. To make it easier you may attach all the struts one at a time. Just follow the diagram. Make sure all arrows point in correct direction!
Assemble one level at a time.
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Full Size Kit Assembly