EconOdome kits with may be used to build an earth sheltered home with ten sides.
This California dome home was personally built by Wil and his wife, Sunny, in 1997
In 1997 there were torrential El Nino rains in Arroyo Grande, California.
A flexible perforated drainage pipe at the perimeter covered by gravel
is still keeping this home from any damage due to ground and roof runoff water.
This two story 38.5 foot diameter home has about 2000 square feet of living space.

This EconOdome building frame was
modified to include vertical surfaces for doors and windows on five sides.
EconOdome frame kits are normally custom modified on ten sides in our shop to include
vertical surfaces for doors and conventional windows.
We custom frame all door, window, and skylight openings
to save you time and money when you build your custom dome home.
This is a split level earth sheltered dome home.
From the front entry, just inside the front door,
it is six steps down to the lower level and eight steps up to the upper level.
The lower level has three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a laundry room.
The upper level has a living room, kitchen, 1/2 bath, office area, and a piano.

Rebar reinforced filled concrete block set upon a rebar reinforced solid concrete footing
was used to create an extremely strong retaining wall on the lower portion of this home.
The ten equal sided cinderblock wall is fairly easy to build with limited block laying experience.
Earth was put back adjacent the cinderblock wall after the exterior of the concrete block
was waterproofed and perimeter drainage was installed.
The perimeter drainage consisted of flexible perforated piping, gravel, and a thin layer of
fiberglass batt insulation. The batt insulation, above the gravel and under the dirt fill,
acts as a non-biodegradable filter to keep
the dirt from washing thru the gravel and clogging the perforated drain pipe.

We covered and sealed the exterior surface working from the top to the bottom.
When we were near the bottom, we installed and sealed "down pointing triangles"
as this did not stop us from walking on horizontal struts/boards.
Then we filled the areas between the "down pointing triangles"
as we worked from the top to the bottom.
We made sure that all seams were sealed with seam tape
while we could still stand on the frame while we worked.
This dome home in California was built nearly 25 years ago.
Dome homes built more recently with EconOdome kits
are more easily and reliably sealed with flexible TPO shingles
attached to the exterior panels at the factory.

Earth was backfilled and leveled to within 6 inches
below the level of the window sills and front door.
A rear deck extends to a parking area that is on the
same level as the living room on the second story within the dome.
Canopies are built over all doors and conventional windows.
Many canopy designs are possible.

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Lower Level Floorplan of 38.5 Foot Diameter California Earthberm Home

Top Level Floorplan of 38.5 Foot Diameter California Earthberm Home

Section View of 38.5 Foot Diameter California Earthberm HOme

Floorplan of another earthbermed home built with three 30 foot dia. EconOdome frame kits

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