EconOdome Features

Do you want a one, two, or, three story dome home?
We manufacture six optimal (mimimal waste) sizes of our EconOdome kit.
The EconOdome is most often built as a two-story home.
How would you like the interior of your ten-sided round home to be arranged?
If you can briefly describe what you want in a floorplan,
we can then send you some sample floor plans that are similar to what you have described.
We have many floorplans already drawn.
The floorplan we send you can then be revised to be exactly the way you want it to be.
See if you wish to have us revised your floor plan as you wish.

Features of EconOdome Building Kits

* The EconOdome frame kit is assembled above an easy-to-build floor with ten equal-in-length sides.
* With an EconOdome Drop-In-Panel/T-Beam kit, your building is automatically finished
inside and outside (and insulated) as you install panels while climbing down the sturdy geodesic framework.
* Difficult interior finishing work is minimized with EconOdome T-Beam / Drop-In-Panel Building System.
* Custom built curb mounted frames for all geometric and rectangular skylights cost $100 each extra.
* Easy installation of conventional doors and windows into vertical surfaces at perimeter of EconOdome building frame kit.
* Both the Basic and T-Beam frame kits include a "Ledge" to support the loft floor on the inside perimeter.
* Choice of 6 optimum EconOdome building sizes.
* Choice of 2 types of EconOdome frame kits: T-Beam or Basic.
* Choice of three colors (white, tan, and gray) for thermoplastic shingles that are attached to the exterior panels.
* The EconOdome building system is designed to be completed with commonly available materials.
* EconOdome Kits are designed for easy assembly and completion by both skilled and unskilled workers.
* Sizes of EconOdome frame kits and blocking layout are optimized to minimize waste.
* The EconOdome precision cut-to-fit frame kit stacks compactly and is economical to ship.
We normally ship via a local trucking company,
or, you may pick your kit up with a rental truck at our facilities in Sullivan, Illinois.
*Shingles made with thermoplastic are attached to the exterior panels at the factory.

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