A small five-sided dome cabin

This five sided cabin has an interior loft.
The floor is built above treated telephone poles.
Each of the five sides is 8 foot by 8 foot.

In order to build this building legally without
a building permit in California, this building was
built above pre-cast piers and boulders.
After completion this building was moved to
different locations on the resort property.

Also see a similar dome cabin built with EconOdome Kits
as a tiny home over 20 years ago and now being utilized as a
bed and breakfast mushroom cabin dome in Aptos, California.

Mushroom Dome Cabin: #1 on airbnb in Aptos

Small dome cabin located in Aptos, United States.
With a geodesic dome loft and a large deck in the trees,
you will feel like you are in an unique tree house.
Located in a quiet yet convenient location.
The perfect "check-in to check it out" destination for both
San Francisco Bay area residents and traveling future domies.
See www.littledomes.com for more info and pricing.

Vinyl faced insulation stapled on the outside
of the frame before the exterior panels are
nailed on, achieves a pillow effect on the finished interior.

This 14 foot diameter dome may be used as a hot tub cover.
The attractive frame may be screened, covered with plexiglass,
or overgrown with grape vines.
How would you use a small dome like this?

The photos above show a ten-sided building with a dome roof
having 40 triangles and resting on a gravel base.
See www.littledomes.com for more info and pricing.
Please email or phone wil to discuss options.

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