24' Diameter 2x4
Backyard Dome Kit with Many Uses

Pretty Party Room, Dome Home Office, GreenHouse, or Arboretum
Can be built as a permanent dome shelter above existing rubble and is Earthquake and Hurricane Tolerant.
Can be adapted for Efficient and Economical Independent Student or Senior Housing
(see floorplans below)

Our 4V 24 foot diameter Backyard Dome Kit features
additional 2x4 blocking supports within each of 130 triangles
on the upper portion of the dome surface.
The precision-cut 2x4 geodesic frame kit is exposed to the interior.
The exposed interlocking hexagons and triangles on the dome ceiling
create an awesome three dimensional pattern and a very strong building.
Our Backyard Dome
kit is modified on the lower perimeter to include
vertical wall framing to accomodate conventional doors and windows.
An internally braced four feet high, ten-sided, perimeter riser wall
is constructed under the modified hemisphere to lift the dome just enough
to accomodate the height of a standard pre-hung exterior door.
The total height of the dome at the center is 16 feet.

Our "backyard dome kit" is designed to be assembled by people
who have limited prior construction experience.
All the components are small enough to be easily handled by one person.
All EconOdome frame kits are assembled with screws and a rechargeable drill.
The floor may radiantly heated, if, you are building where it gets cold in the winter.
Below are couple of possible single story floorplans.

Both floor plans have enough vertical height to accomodate a loft space where you can stand up.

However, The triangles are too small on a 24' 4V dome
to install skylights that you can open up and then climb out.
So, if you want to use the loft for a sleeping area or bedroom, Please
SEE www.littledomes.com for little 2-story domes
with code approved egress (fire escape) skylights for loft bedrooms.

An important part of building a little economical ten sided dome is the floor.
The "MesaBase" foundation and floor minimizes the need for excavation and allows for building on sloped ground.
The sloped ground is leveled
(after installing drain, water, gas, and electric lines)
by creating a mesa
that retains the gravel with concrete blocks, rock filled tires, or gabions.
The "mesa base" inhibits erosion and
provides a level area free of vegetation and mud adjacent the dome.
The mesa base also insulates the ground adjacent the building
because of air spaces between the rocks.

Railroad tracks and locomotives are supported by rocks,
so why not domes and porches.
The concrete floor (reinforced with rebar)
anchors the dome as lag bolts inserted into
the inside perimeter of the permanent pre-cut treated 2x8 lumber base.
The base boards lap at the corners,
thus creating a strong interconnected base/foundation.

Now let's build an earthquake and storm safer home using some photos taken in Illinois in 2009.

Set concrete blocks in a circle that is a few feet bigger that the dome you want to build.

Level the blocks by digging out some dirt where the blocks are too high.
Add extra blocks if necessary to accomodate the slope or to accomodate an abundance of rubble.
Space the blocks about an inch apart.
Cut notches in the top of the blocks and lay-in a ring of epoxy coated rebar.
Fill the blocks with concrete to secure the rebar and blocks permanently in-place.
Put some plastic mortor mesh against the inside surface of the blocks
to keep the gravel from escaping thru the spaces between the blocks.
Then fill the cylinder with river rock or concrete rubble.
You have just created a level and raised mesa that will keep your concrete floor high and dry.

Install the permanent concrete forms and dome base using treated 2x8's lapped at the corners.

Then pour three inches of fiber reinforced concrete to make your floor and secure your dome base.

Now you can frame your ten-sided dome home using a precision-cut EconOdome 2x4 Frame Kit
elevated above a 4' high perimeter riser wall frame kit.
You can build with either a "Basic" or a "T-Beam" EconOdome frame kit.

The EconOdome kits will cost more with a T-Beam frame kit.
However, you will eliminate the need for installing and finishing sheetrock
on the dome ceiling. You will notice below that with the T-Beam frame kit,
the interior facing sheetrock panels and more insulation sheeting is included.
In addition to saving a lot of work, the T-Beam frame kit creates a beautiful ceiling.

See photo below of a 24' dia. 2x4 Basic Backyard Dome frame kit in a small pick-up truck.

You can build this two-story dome home with the 24'diameter EconOdome frame kit.
We supply EconOdome frame and panel kits with assembly diagrams, and, both email ( wil@econodome.com) and, phone construction consultation.
Our consultation phone # is 217-521-9294.
To build this really cool dome home, you need to supply the labor.
Or, you can hire help "by-the-hour" just as a contractor would do.
All the pieces to build this home are small and lighweight.
You will need a rechargeable screw gun / drill.
Other than a Basic OR T-Beam 2x4 EconOdome frame kit,
you will need to order panel kits (see dome kit prices for more panel kit info & pricing).
All the materials can be purchased at lumberyards, or,
local Home Improvement stores such as Menards, Home Depot, or, Lowes.
If you purchase an EconOdome roof frame kit that fits on this ten-sided building,
we will help you with instructions and consultation as necessary to complete your new ten-sided dome home.
Perhaps your live-at-home son, daughter, mother, and/or, father
would like to live more independently in an energy efficient dome home in the backyard.

Or, perhaps you live near a college and would like to benefit by providing independent housing for 2 worthy students. Do you have space on your property or an adjacent lot for a building that can fit within a 24 foot circle.

This is an under construction photo of a two story 24 foot diameter dome
that includes a 3ft high storm shelter/crawlspace below the main floor
and above a solid above grade concrete slab floor.
The underfloor storm shelter space is accessable via a trap door under the staircase.

Please contact wil@econodome.com if you wish to receive sample plans of particular size and layout.

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