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What people have said who have already built a dome home with EconOdome frame & panel kits

This first unedited letter written by Danny Lange to Ann, who wished to visit a dome home built with an EconOdome kit was added on April 12, 2013.

I am always happy to show off what I have done! I have completed the framing and now have the roof watertight.
I still have one layer of elastomer to completely cover it to specification.
Repairs are being done to one spot where I miscalculated the height of a tree and stabbed a baseball bat size limb through the roof.
Repairs are easy and no special materials are needed other than leftover construction scraps I already have.
As far as maintenance goes (once every 5-10 years as wil says).
It will take me about four 5 gallon buckets of the elastomer top coat (1300T) to cover the entire surface once for maintanence.
I can easily roll one coat in two days by myself. For less than $1000 every ten years is definitely something I can live with.
The AC Foam IV material is new to me but sounds very interesting.
Would save time from having to glue Densedeck to the insulation and also seems considerably lighter
which would have helped during assembly and no gypsum to worry about keeping dry.
I built this dome by myself over a years time after work and weekends so
I had some special considerations as far as keeping everything dry for that long.
I am now living in the dome and dont think i could ever live in a box again!
As far as the aerodynamics goes you can also use this shape to advantage in many ways.
one window open and a door cracked will get amazing airflow through the house and unlike a square house
it is predictable so there are endless possibilities as far as minimizing air conditioning.
Also true with acoustics. Simply having control over the elements like airflow and acoustics is
something you may have never considered unless you have lived in a dome.
Mine is a mess inside because i had to move into it before I could begin framing the inside but i dont mind showing it off anyway.
Hope i could be of some help or insight.
Wil has been fabulous as far as support during and after the sale and gets highest of recommendations from me.

"I love my dome. The EconOdome frame kit allowed me to build a two story dome with a beautiful interior and lots of skylights. I'm glad I built my dome with an Econ-O-Dome Kit." - Ted Johnson, staff of Real Goods, Inc. -1992- Ukiah, California

"Our sixty foot diameter EconOdome was framed, enclosed, and sealed in one month. We had an event scheduled to happen in the dome. The structure is awesome." Michael & Patti Gold, Gavilan Ranch -1995- Lindrith, New Mexico. See

"We think our dome home is beautiful, and so does everyone who visits us. We added Southwest custom touches to our dome and made it uniquely ours. We are glad we purchased an EconOdome frame kit." Tim & Vicky White -1997- Pagosa Springs, Colorado

"I've always dreamed of having a beautiful dome home. Our dome home was built during the El Niņo rain storms and it does not leak. I'm so glad I purchased an EconOdome Kit. This is my dream come true." Jim & Dee Moore, -1998- Arroyo Grande, California

"We put the ten prefab trapezoids above the riser wall in about an hour. The rest of the dome frame was assembled in about a day. Having the doors, windows, and, skylights already framed as a part of the kit really helped." Clair Henry -2000- Monticello, Illinois

"We have now lived here about ten years. We really love the structure. The natural wood interior plus the dome architecture and lots of skylights gives our home a connected spiritual feeling. Our hydronic radiant heat floor done with pex piping works really well." Gilbert and Kay Matheny -2006- Sylva (sw of Ashville), North Carolina

"Our home is considered to have a high-end interior due to all the custom woodwork. We are glad we chose to build with an EconOdome T-Beam frame kit." - Tom Stangland & Belinda Trujillo -2002- Santa Fe, New Mexico

Please contact our office if you wish to visit a dome home near you.
Please contact our office if you wish to have contact info so you may talk with or email with
folks who have built a dome home that is similar to what you are considering.
We will get permission from the dome home owners prior to revealing any contact info.
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